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Nice to meet you, everyone. I am Hiroki Watanabe, the manager at Concept LABI TOKYO.
Concept LABI TOKYO opened on October 30, 2015, in a location that is a 1 minute walk from the Yaesu exit at Tokyo Station, the bullet train terminal station connecting all of Japan. It is an extremely accessible location for travelers and even has a bus stop right in front of the store for buses going direct to the Narita Airport.
In addition, we offer free delivery for all items bought in our store to your place of stay (designated hotels in the neighborhood), so customers can continue to enjoy their trip without having to carry things around after purchase.

Events and seminars held every day

A huge distinction of this store is being able to experience products based on our concept of being the source for the latest information concerning consumer electronics and IT. We have various proposal corners in store, so feel free to test products.
We also hold events and seminars almost every day so that you can gain a deep understanding of a product’s appeal. From coffee taste testing and demonstration of cooking appliances to photo classrooms, we have a variety of programs in store. You don’t need a reservation, so foreign tourists can stop on by and participate as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to call on us. We have over 30 staff members in our store who not only speak Japanese but can interpret English, Chinese, and Korean so that we may help you.
In addition, we have our Cafe Resto coffee shop in a relaxed space on our 8th floor. Use it for rest in between shopping and events and enjoy our store to its fullest.


An abundance of products at special prices

Our store consists of 11 floors from the 1st floor basement to the 10th floor. We carry not only consumer electronics and IT equipment, but also a whole assortment of products necessary for your vacation. From our Japanese Gift Stage which has a collection of items popular with foreign tourists to our Beauty Design Stage that has an assortment of beauty appliances and tourist models, each floor is clearly categorized by concept, making selection of products easy.

We also have guaranteed low prices by providing all of our products with our ‘Yamada Price’ which is largely reduced from regular price. In addition, you can use coupons printed in our free paper for tourists which is distributed on our website, fliers, and in nearby hotels to make up to 13% in savings together with tax exemption.

Please stop on by our store. We will welcome you with the spirit of Japan’s ‘omotenashi’ and help you so that you your trip will be made all the better.

Our floors

Basement 1st Floor: Medicine/Game/Watche

1st Floor: New Mobile Stage Mobile Phones/SoftBank, au, docomo, Y!mobile

2nd Floor: Apple Future Stage Apple/Accessories

3st Floor: Sony & Panasonic Presentation Stage SONY/Panasonic Special stage

5th Floor. Imaging & Design Style Stage Cameras/High End Consumer Electronics

6th Floor: Beauty Design Stage Cosmetics/Beauty/Tourist Models

8th Floor: Life Style Stage Air Conditioning/Refrigerators/Washing Machines/Coffee

9th Floor: PC & Network Solution State PC/Smart Rescue

10th Floor: Business Solution Stage