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Temporary closure of some stores and change of business hours


Due to the issuance of a state of emergency, the business hours of some stores will change. Please check the following for details.

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Explore World Heritage Sites, experience the beauty of nature, and pray for peace. 3 recommended sightseeing spots in Hiroshima


Hiroshima Prefecture borders the tranquil Seto Inland Sea. The Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island and the Atomic Bomb Dome are two World Heritage Sites located here, and these famous sightseeing spots are visited by numerous tourists every year. This post proposes a trip to Hiroshima that will enable you to think on the importance of peace while exploring World Heritage Sites and beautiful seaside locations.

One of Japan’s top 3 sites of scenic beauty: “Miyajima and Itsukushima Shrine”

Itsukushima Shrine is a World Heritage Site which has been considerd to enshrine gods since ancient times, and Miyajima Island, where it is located, is a picturesque spot chosen as one of Japan’s top 3 views. The red lacquer Torii gate that rises up from the sea is sacred, and it’s also an extremely popular photo spot.
Also, many of the buildings in the Itsukushima Shrine complex such as the main shrine, cloister, and Noh performance stage are designated national treasures and important cultural assets. The Noh performance stage is especially unique, as this is the only place in Japan where one is built over the water, and Noh performances and tea ceremony events continue to be held here.

Learn about why there should never be another Hiroshima at the “Atomic Bomb Dome”

The Atomic Bomb Dome was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1996. It was originally a facility for exhibiting and selling local Hiroshima products, but now it is carefully preserved as a monument to the tragedies of atomic bombs and war.
In the surrounding area, there are various related facilities such as the “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park” built near the epicenter of the explosion, and the “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum,” which houses belongings, photographs, and other materials of the victims. Many people come here both from within Japan and from overseas to pray for peace.

A sacred path for cyclists over the sea: “Seto Inland Sea Shimanami Kaido”

The Seto Inland Sea Shimanami Kaido is a road which connects Onomichi, Hiroshima with Imabari, Ehime. This road was made by connected numerous bridges and islands together, and it features a dedicated path for cycling which is approximately 70 km long. There are few places where you can ride a bike across the sea, so this road has attracted attention and is becoming increasingly popular among foreign cyclists.
The environment is well-suited to enjoying cycling, and there are hotels designed with cyclists in mind as well as rental shops for people without their own bikes, so it’s definitely worth trying out for yourself if you’re interested.

Also be sure to stop by a nearby Yamada Denki whenever you visit Hiroshima Prefecture.
We offer the latest electronics and a variety of products that make great souvenirs.

*Information in this article is current as of its publication. For details, please contact the related facilities directly.

About store closure and time reduction business


Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, temporary closure and shortening of business hours will be carried out irregularly at some stores, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Please contact each store when visiting. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Lots of unique local specialties and souvenirs A selection of 3 recommended gourmet foods in Okinawa


Okinawa is a resort area featuring a warm climate all year long with a beautiful sea. The local specialties born from a culture specific to the island, are very popular among foreigners and Japanese people as well. There, we are presenting this time, the recommended gourmet food we would like you to definitely give a try when going to Okinawa.

“Soki Soba”, a delicious collaboration of soba noodles with spareribs

Okinawa’s specialty “Okinawa Soba” distinguishes itself in using noodles made from flour rather than buckwheat flour. “Yaeyama Soba” and “Tebichi Soba (with pig’s trotters)” are some of the various types depending on the area and the toppings, and “Soki Soba” is a popular one among them.
Soki refers to salty-sweet simmered pork ribs, and matches well with plain noodles and a soup with a strong broth flavor. The soup tastes differently and the toppings differ from one restaurant to another, so we definitely hope you will enjoy finding your favorite dish among all of them.

“Beni-imo Tart”, a colorful and photogenic sweet as souvenir

“Beni-imo Tart” is a confectionery using “Beni-imo (red sweet potato)” made in Okinawa. Using a generous amount of vivid purple sweet potato paste, its soft sweet taste seduces people of a wide range of generations.
It was originally prepared in Yomitanson, a village in Okinawa, for the purpose of revitalizing the community, but it is now known by all as a typical sweet of Okinawa. “Beni-imo Tart”, delicious AND photogenic. A souvenir from Okinawa both children and adults will love.

“Awamori” with a unique flavor thirsty souls cannot resist

“Awamori” is a traditional sake in Okinawa. It is a distilled liquor made from “thai-mai” (Thai rice), and uses “black koji mold” rarely seen in standard sake brewing. The alcohol content is 30 degrees approximately. Like whisky and wine, the taste gets deeper along with time, and vintage liquors are called “Kusu (old liquor)” and highly valued.
You are free to drink it as you like, on the rocks or as a cocktail, but we also recommend the local style and have it with tea like “Sanpin Cha (Okinawa-style jasmine tea)” or “Utchin Cha (turmeric tea)”.

Please definitely stop by YAMADA DENKi when coming to Okinawa.
We will be waiting for your visit with the latest home appliances, as well as a selection of products that could make good souvenirs.

* Information as of the date when the present article was posted For details, please inquire to the relevant facilities.

Call center opened for tourists visiting Japan


The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has established a multilingual call center for 365 days and 24 hours to ensure the safety and security of foreign travelers in emergencies, and also provides consultation on the new coronavirus. I am.

Visiting Photogenic Sights The Three Sightseeing Spots in Sapporo


Hokkaido is popular for foreign tourists as a ski resort and more. In Hokkaido, the most developed city is Sapporo City. Sapporo has many photogenic events and sights, including “the Sapporo Snow Festival.” In this article, we’ll introduce sightseeing spots in Sapporo of which you can’t help but take a photo.

“The Sapporo Snow Festival” where you can enjoy the dreamy snow and ice world

With more than 50 years of history, “the Sapporo Snow Festival” is a great event that represents the winter in Japan. In “Odori Park,” a main venue of the event, a number of snow sculptures replicating famous buildings and characters are exhibited and lit up beautifully. Above all else, a projection mapping using massive snow sculptures is popular every year.
As other venues of the snow festival, there are the “Susukino site” at which an ice bar and more can be enjoyed and the “Tsudome site” where a snow slide and snow crafts can be experienced by both parents and children.

“The Clock Tower” that has ticked for more than one century as a symbol of Sapporo

The clock tower was built in 1878, an age when Japan saw its rapid modernization after the Meiji Restoration. It was constructed as a lecture hall of Sapporo Agricultural College that was established to nurture leaders who could develop Hokkaido. In 1970, the tower was designated as a national important cultural property, and it has been widely used for the promotion of the city and packages of souvenirs as a symbol of Sapporo. The clock tower is not only famous as a photo spot, but it is also a valuable cultural asset from which the history of the development of Sapporo can be learned. If you are interested in a region where you travel, we urge you to visit the tower once.

“Mt. Moiwayama” from which you can see one of the greatest must-see night views in Japan

The night view in Sapporo is a famous sightseeing sport designated as one of “Japan’s New Three Most Spectacular Night Views” in 2015. In Sapporo, there are some locations where the night view can be enjoyed, but for those who want to take the best picture, Mt. Moiwayama is recommended as it has a panoramic view of Sapporo. Climb up to the observation deck on the top of the mountain with an altitude of 531 meters by ropeway or mini cable car, and you will find an impressive view just like jewels are spread in front of you. A spectacular view created by a cool and clear night sky and colorful lights of a metropolis Sapporo will certainly remain in your heart as a beautify memory.

Please drop in your nearest Yamada Denki shop when you come over Sapporo City.
We are looking forward to serving you at our shops where up-to-date home appliances and recommended goods for souvenirs are available.

*This article is based on the information that was available at the time of publication. For more details, please contact the related facilities.


The Best Three Sightseeing Spots in Sendai: Visits to Places Linked with Masamune DATE


Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture is called “The City of Trees.” It is a beautiful place where the greenery is harmonized with the city. The most well-known person in Sendai may be Masamune DATE. He played an active part as a warlord of the Sengoku period and still is a popular warlord in games, comics, and aminations, etc. This time, we introduce you to tourist sports deeply connected with Masamune DATE.

“Zuihoden”: a power spot where the soul of Masamune DATE rests

Zuihoden is a mausoleum enshrining the soul of Masamune DATE. It was a famous place designated as a national treasure for its gorgeous and splendid architecture. In 1945, however, it was burnt down by the fires of war and was rebuilt in 1979. In Japan, it is popular as a “power spot” where visitors can receive blessings of Masamune DATE.
In addition to Zuihoden, there are other beautiful buildings with excellent decorative carvings: “Kansenden,” a mausoleum of Tadamune DATE, the second lord of the domain, and “Zennoden,” a mausoleum of Tsunamune DATE, the third lord of the domain. Their beauty is a must-see.

“Sendai Castle”: an area where the history of Sendai and the Date family can be felt

Sendai Castle, built by Masamune DATE, is also called “Aoba Castle.” Unfortunately, its castle tower was burnt down by air raids during WWII, but the stone wall and the earth mounds, etc. remain intact.
Concentrated in the vicinity of the site of Sendai Castle are many facilities recommendable for those who like the Japanese history, including a famous photo spot “the Statue of Horse-riding Masamune DATE,” “Aoba Castle Resource Center” where the Sendai Castle of the time can be experienced through CG or VR, and “Sendai City Museum” where the history of Sendai and the arms used by Masamune are introduced.

“Jozenji-dori Street”: for those who want to enjoy the modern Sendai

Jozenji Temple was built to protect the northeast from which evils would come when Masamune DATA built Sendai Castle. At present, the city hall building of Sendai City is built on the site, and beautiful zelkova trees are lined on the neighborhood streets.
The Jozenji-dori Street area has many fashionable cafes and restaurants, and it is a popular sightseeing spot for the Japanese, too. What’s more, many pleasant events take place in each season, such as “the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival in Sendai” or “the Sendai Pageant of Starlight.”

When visiting Sendai City, please drop by Yamada Denki near you.
We are looking forward to seeing you with the latest home electrical appliances and products suitable as a souvenir ready for you.

※This article is based on the information at the time of publication. For more information, please contact the facilities concerned.

New tax-free stores have been added to 3 stores in the Kyushu area


Tax-free procedures (TAXFREE) are now available at the following 3 stores
Please use it when you come to the neighborhood.

・Kaden sumairu kan YAMADA Kumamotokasuga
・Tecc Land Kgoshimakita
・Kaden sumairu kan YAMADA Sagananbubaipasu
* Please check the store information for handling products, access to the store, etc.

ALIPAY annual campaign


Receive a coupon of up to 2888 yuan simply by scanning the
QR code on the poster in stores.
The amount of your reward will be displayed randomly.
There is a limit to the number of tries per person

The “Overseas Travel Package” has been released by WeChatPay.


The “Overseas Travel Package” is a good-value platform which uses the “WeChat” mini-program.
It can be joined by scanning the QR code on the posters in stores or
by searching for the mini program on the app.
In addition to “foreign exchange coupons” and “discount doubling coupons”, you can also receive coupons issued by individual stores.

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