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The Best Three Sightseeing Spots in Sendai: Visits to Places Linked with Masamune DATE

The Best Three Sightseeing Spots in Sendai: Visits to Places Linked with Masamune DATE

Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture is called “The City of Trees.” It is a beautiful place where the greenery is harmonized with the city. The most well-known person in Sendai may be Masamune DATE. He played an active part as a warlord of the Sengoku period and still is a popular warlord in games, comics, and aminations, etc. This time, we introduce you to tourist sports deeply connected with Masamune DATE.

“Zuihoden”: a power spot where the soul of Masamune DATE rests

Zuihoden is a mausoleum enshrining the soul of Masamune DATE. It was a famous place designated as a national treasure for its gorgeous and splendid architecture. In 1945, however, it was burnt down by the fires of war and was rebuilt in 1979. In Japan, it is popular as a “power spot” where visitors can receive blessings of Masamune DATE.
In addition to Zuihoden, there are other beautiful buildings with excellent decorative carvings: “Kansenden,” a mausoleum of Tadamune DATE, the second lord of the domain, and “Zennoden,” a mausoleum of Tsunamune DATE, the third lord of the domain. Their beauty is a must-see.

“Sendai Castle”: an area where the history of Sendai and the Date family can be felt

Sendai Castle, built by Masamune DATE, is also called “Aoba Castle.” Unfortunately, its castle tower was burnt down by air raids during WWII, but the stone wall and the earth mounds, etc. remain intact.
Concentrated in the vicinity of the site of Sendai Castle are many facilities recommendable for those who like the Japanese history, including a famous photo spot “the Statue of Horse-riding Masamune DATE,” “Aoba Castle Resource Center” where the Sendai Castle of the time can be experienced through CG or VR, and “Sendai City Museum” where the history of Sendai and the arms used by Masamune are introduced.

“Jozenji-dori Street”: for those who want to enjoy the modern Sendai

Jozenji Temple was built to protect the northeast from which evils would come when Masamune DATA built Sendai Castle. At present, the city hall building of Sendai City is built on the site, and beautiful zelkova trees are lined on the neighborhood streets.
The Jozenji-dori Street area has many fashionable cafes and restaurants, and it is a popular sightseeing spot for the Japanese, too. What’s more, many pleasant events take place in each season, such as “the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival in Sendai” or “the Sendai Pageant of Starlight.”

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