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Visiting Photogenic Sights The Three Sightseeing Spots in Sapporo

Visiting Photogenic Sights The Three Sightseeing Spots in Sapporo

Hokkaido is popular for foreign tourists as a ski resort and more. In Hokkaido, the most developed city is Sapporo City. Sapporo has many photogenic events and sights, including “the Sapporo Snow Festival.” In this article, we’ll introduce sightseeing spots in Sapporo of which you can’t help but take a photo.

“The Sapporo Snow Festival” where you can enjoy the dreamy snow and ice world

With more than 50 years of history, “the Sapporo Snow Festival” is a great event that represents the winter in Japan. In “Odori Park,” a main venue of the event, a number of snow sculptures replicating famous buildings and characters are exhibited and lit up beautifully. Above all else, a projection mapping using massive snow sculptures is popular every year.
As other venues of the snow festival, there are the “Susukino site” at which an ice bar and more can be enjoyed and the “Tsudome site” where a snow slide and snow crafts can be experienced by both parents and children.

“The Clock Tower” that has ticked for more than one century as a symbol of Sapporo

The clock tower was built in 1878, an age when Japan saw its rapid modernization after the Meiji Restoration. It was constructed as a lecture hall of Sapporo Agricultural College that was established to nurture leaders who could develop Hokkaido. In 1970, the tower was designated as a national important cultural property, and it has been widely used for the promotion of the city and packages of souvenirs as a symbol of Sapporo. The clock tower is not only famous as a photo spot, but it is also a valuable cultural asset from which the history of the development of Sapporo can be learned. If you are interested in a region where you travel, we urge you to visit the tower once.

“Mt. Moiwayama” from which you can see one of the greatest must-see night views in Japan

The night view in Sapporo is a famous sightseeing sport designated as one of “Japan’s New Three Most Spectacular Night Views” in 2015. In Sapporo, there are some locations where the night view can be enjoyed, but for those who want to take the best picture, Mt. Moiwayama is recommended as it has a panoramic view of Sapporo. Climb up to the observation deck on the top of the mountain with an altitude of 531 meters by ropeway or mini cable car, and you will find an impressive view just like jewels are spread in front of you. A spectacular view created by a cool and clear night sky and colorful lights of a metropolis Sapporo will certainly remain in your heart as a beautify memory.

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