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Lots of unique local specialties and souvenirs A selection of 3 recommended gourmet foods in Okinawa

Lots of unique local specialties and souvenirs A selection of 3 recommended gourmet foods in Okinawa

Okinawa is a resort area featuring a warm climate all year long with a beautiful sea. The local specialties born from a culture specific to the island, are very popular among foreigners and Japanese people as well. There, we are presenting this time, the recommended gourmet food we would like you to definitely give a try when going to Okinawa.

“Soki Soba”, a delicious collaboration of soba noodles with spareribs

Okinawa’s specialty “Okinawa Soba” distinguishes itself in using noodles made from flour rather than buckwheat flour. “Yaeyama Soba” and “Tebichi Soba (with pig’s trotters)” are some of the various types depending on the area and the toppings, and “Soki Soba” is a popular one among them.
Soki refers to salty-sweet simmered pork ribs, and matches well with plain noodles and a soup with a strong broth flavor. The soup tastes differently and the toppings differ from one restaurant to another, so we definitely hope you will enjoy finding your favorite dish among all of them.

“Beni-imo Tart”, a colorful and photogenic sweet as souvenir

“Beni-imo Tart” is a confectionery using “Beni-imo (red sweet potato)” made in Okinawa. Using a generous amount of vivid purple sweet potato paste, its soft sweet taste seduces people of a wide range of generations.
It was originally prepared in Yomitanson, a village in Okinawa, for the purpose of revitalizing the community, but it is now known by all as a typical sweet of Okinawa. “Beni-imo Tart”, delicious AND photogenic. A souvenir from Okinawa both children and adults will love.

“Awamori” with a unique flavor thirsty souls cannot resist

“Awamori” is a traditional sake in Okinawa. It is a distilled liquor made from “thai-mai” (Thai rice), and uses “black koji mold” rarely seen in standard sake brewing. The alcohol content is 30 degrees approximately. Like whisky and wine, the taste gets deeper along with time, and vintage liquors are called “Kusu (old liquor)” and highly valued.
You are free to drink it as you like, on the rocks or as a cocktail, but we also recommend the local style and have it with tea like “Sanpin Cha (Okinawa-style jasmine tea)” or “Utchin Cha (turmeric tea)”.

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