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ALIPAY winter campaign now being held


CUP platform campaign


・ 1 to 3,000 yuan discount by lottery for all users
・ You can participate up to 5 times per card per month

New tax-free stores have been added to 3 stores in the Kyushu area


Tax-free procedures (TAXFREE) are now available at the following 3 stores
Please use it when you come to the neighborhood.

・Kaden sumairu kan YAMADA Kumamotokasuga
・Tecc Land Kgoshimakita
・Kaden sumairu kan YAMADA Sagananbubaipasu
* Please check the store information for handling products, access to the store, etc.

ALIPAY annual campaign


Receive a coupon of up to 2888 yuan simply by scanning the
QR code on the poster in stores.
The amount of your reward will be displayed randomly.
There is a limit to the number of tries per person

The “Overseas Travel Package” has been released by WeChatPay.


The “Overseas Travel Package” is a good-value platform which uses the “WeChat” mini-program.
It can be joined by scanning the QR code on the posters in stores or
by searching for the mini program on the app.
In addition to “foreign exchange coupons” and “discount doubling coupons”, you can also receive coupons issued by individual stores.

「Tokyo Subway Ticket」販売開始についてのお知らせ